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Oakland Raiders: Michael Bush is Signed, but for How Long?

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It took longer than expected, but Michael Bush is officially back with the Oakland Raiders for 2011 and possibly longer. The details of Bush's contract are not yet know, but the fact that Bush had not yet signed his restricted one-year tender were likely due to him trying to hold out for a long-term deal. Maybe he got a longer deal, or he just decided that playing hardball with the Oakland Raiders was not the way to go.

Bush's one-year tender was worth $2.6 million. That is not a bad salary for a backup running back. In terms of Bush getting paid his best strategy may have always been just to sign that contract, go to work, and show the league what he is capable of, and enter free agency. It's not like he was negotiating from a position of power with the Raiders. Again, he is the backup. A valuable backup no doubt, but a backup all the same. He wasn't going to cripple the team with a holdout.

Of course, as I say that, the news will probably come out that he was signed to a five-year deal worth $55 million.

From my perspective, I am hoping he signed the one-year deal. While it opens up the door to Bush leaving, the Raiders will keep him if they really want to, and I like the idea of Bush running over people to earn more money. Jump over for some highlights from our own Rimando, and if you aren't jacked about this team's running game—you will be.

Darren McFadden#20/Michael Bush#29 Hightlights (via Rimando408)