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Entire Kevin Boss Press ConferenceTranscrpit:

Thanks to all of the writers in the press room who braved the internet outage to get the Kevin Boss press conference transcribed you have the entire interview to read.

Damien has been busting his but to get this up. Here is an excerpt with the entire interview linked below:

Q: What was your perception of the Raiders before you came here?

A: "You know, being a West coast guy I always grew up keeping an eye on them being closer to them, they were always on TV. It’s a great organization, you know, a lot of the Hall of Famer have played here and left their mark here. I’m thrilled to be a part of it now."How do you see yourself as a weapon in this offense?"I think one of my biggest assets is being a pass catcher so I’m going to do whatever they ask me to do in terms of lining up in different positions. It’s going to be fun, you know, Zach Miller had a lot of success here and I am hoping to continue that success at this position."

Entire Interview Link