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A Few Words From Michael Bush, Denarius Moore and Nick Miller:

This week in Napa, I have been asking players if they have messages for the Raider Nation and they have all had similar themes. Here are the first two quick quotes from Michael Bush, Denarius Moore and Nick Miller:

Nick Miller: I just appreciate the support. I work hard for myself and I work hard for you guys and I love the support and I am going to try to bring it home for you guys and hold it down for you guys. So, thank you.


Michael Bush: Just by watching practice, this might be the fastest team that I’ve been around since I’ve been here. Just a lot of excitement. Stay patient with us and hopefully everything will work out – playoffs this year sounds good too and hopefully we can get there.

Then there is a very short, five word message from the rising star of Oakland Raider Training Camp Denarius Moore: (I think that we can use this clip every time that he catches a TD)


Cheers from Napa,

- Saint