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Sterling Moore, Oakland Raider UDRFA Shines In Oakland (Video)

The second gift that I bring back from 2011 Oakland Raider Training Camp is a video interview with Sterling Moore.

In my four days of camp I only saw him get burnt once and that was from his brother from another mother, Denarius Moore, who has, literally, made toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner out of everybody.

I call him his brother from another mother because they not only share the same name, but, they have also developed a strong and fast camaraderie, which you will see in this video.

An Undrafted Rookie Free Agent out of SMU, Sterling Moore, has already drawn praise from Head Coach, Hue Jackson, and had two nice interceptions in team drills on, both, Friday and Saturday.

Sterling is a local from Oakland who attended Deer Valley High School and Laney Junior College before transferring to LSU.

After one of his picks, someone from the Raiders whispered, "Dark Horse", and he is definitely on my 53 man roster if this team faced Denver tomorrow.

So, join me Oakland Raider Nation in welcoming Sterling Moore to The Raiders!