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By My Count: The Oakland Raiders Have Nine Weapons On Offense:

I was walking with Noontide the other day and rattling off the offensive weapons on this 2011 Oakland raider squad. The number hit 7. And, this was before the Kevin Boss signing.

Here are the weapons in No particular order:

Darren McFadden - Darren "McBadass" himself. McFadden is like no other and if he can stay healthy this year, the entire NFL will see what it's like when a "Hawg" gets to eat. McFadden has the ability to take on linebackers up top, or cut around them and burst into the open field. There is no doubt that McFadden is a top notch weapon.

Chaz Schilens - I have heard about all of the talent that Chaz has and how great he will be for three years now, but, he cannot stay healthy. In camp, he was the best receiver on the field, including the phenom Denarius Moore, because he is the best target, runs the best routes and didn't drop anything while being able to accelerate out of his cuts.

Jacoby Ford - What else can be said about a player who is as dynamic as any young player in the NFL and is as great of a teammate as one could ask for. Jacoby eats, sleeps and drinks football on the field and has established himself as a person to be reckoned with whenever he is on the field.

Louis Murphy -A speedy receiver who runs good routes and has made some big catches in his two year career. Murphy can stretch the field and had been an above average downfield blocker as well. He didn't take the field for team drills during my four days at practice, so I can't really give you an impression of how he looks this year.

Jason Campbell -The unquestioned leader of this offense, Jason Campbell has become what everyone thought he would be when he was in Washington. To a man, his ex-teammates see a change in Jason. A maturity and leadership ability that wasn't nearly as defined in Washington.

On the field, Jason really put it all together at the end of 2010 and looks extremely comfortable in this offense.

Marcel Reece -Marcel busted onto the scene last year with some big plays created by his deceptive, 4.40, speed and great recognition of soft places in the defense.

Denarius Moore - I cannot wait to see Raider Nation embrace this kid on Thursday and see the love returned. I am trying to be cautiously optomistic about Moore, but, even the old timers in the press room see something more than a flash. He has the play making ability (He will tell you that he is not a play maker, he just makes the plays that he should), humility and confidence to be something really special this year.

Michael Bush -The Smash to the Oakland Rushing attack. When Michael Bush gets square to his position he is impossible to arm tackle. Bush is not just a power runner, he is also quick and nimble on his feet and is an exceptional pass catcher.

Kevin Boss - This HUGE target in the end zone and underneath is sure to be a safety net around the goal line and when Jason Campbell gets in trouble or the Raiders are stalling in the Red Zone, you can bet that Big 'Ol Boss will be a target.

I know, I know, it should be 10 weapons, but, I have honestly seen Darius Heyward-Bey do warm up drills and he has done very little over his first two seasons to show that he is a weapon.

So, am I right, am I wrong? Do the Oakland Raiders have 9 weapons on offense?