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Samson Satele On Starting Center Competition, "May the Best Man Win"

Probably the best battle of camp this year is between the reigning Raider Center, Samson Satele, and the player that Oakland drafted to be the starting Center, Stefen Wisniewski.

With Stefen being the only Center in Camp until the re-signing of Satele last week, Wisniewski, was wearing the crown of starting Center from the day he was drafted until Friday, when, Samson came onto the field with the first team and showed that the offense is much better without a the rookie snapping the ball.

I was fortunate enough to record Samson's response when he was asked about the battle going on for the Center position: From my write-up on SBN Bay Area

"Like I told the other reporter, if he’s the man, he’s the man, you know, I’ll back him up. If I’m the man then, you know, he may be starting at Left Guard or backing up both positions. So, let the best man win."

A this point, it looks like Samson is the "Best Man", but, don’t count young Stefen out, he is working hard and I am sure that we have not seen the last of him at Center.

This is certainly shaping up to be a battle for the ages and definitely something to watch for as the the Pre Season rolls along.