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Oakland Raiders: Cornerback Situation Gives Me the Fear

My confidence in the Oakland Raiders current group of cornerbacks is an ice cube. And it is hot out. It is not the starting combination of Stanford Routt and Chris Johnson that has inspired my diminishing expectations. But, unfortunately in today's NFL, teams tend to lineup more than two receivers on an occasion or two.

Who is the third corner going to be? Our early favorite for the nickel position, Chimdi Chekwa, has been injured for almost all of training camp, and is still likely at least a couple of weeks away. DVD has been less than stellar and practice, and we all knew he was a little raw to begin with. Walter McFadden and Jeremy Ware at least have experience, but there was a reason the Raiders spent a third and fourth-round pick on a CB this year. Undrafted rookie, Sterling Moore has been outperforming this entire lackluster group, but Sterling Moore as the starting nickel corner does not exactly put my confidence ice back into the freezer. 

It helps limit my fear knowing that Rod Woodson is busy coaching these guys up, but the guy is a coach—not a miracle worker. The most unsettling thought is an injury. Chris Johnson isn't exactly Cal Ripken Jr..

I know we already talked about this in the the review of yesterday's training camp practice, but this problem lingers in my mind. There are very few CBs left on the free agent market. The Raiders have been connected to Kelvin Hayden. Hayden was busy visiting the Bears yesterday. Here's to hoping that the interest turns into a contract.