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Terelle Pryor: Raiders Won't Have a Chance to Waste a Pick on Pryor

Terrelle Pryor is not going to make it in the NFL as a QB. He doesn't have the accuracy, and he has not shown the ability to work through a progression. And while there have been no reports from the Raiders or sources that they were interested in Pryor, they certainly have been connected in speculation. As things stand now, that isn't going to matter.

Terelle Pryor is not going to be eligible for the 2011 supplemental draft. At least according to what Jason LaCanfora tweeted about the latest ruling from the NFL. "NFL sent memo to all teams on eligible players for Supplemental Draft- Pryor from Ohio State is NOT on the list." This situation is certainly subject to change. LaCanfora went onto to tweet, "And the league is continuing to assess the situation as it may pertain to Pryor. So perhaps teams will get a later communication on him."

Pryor has scheduled a pro day for Friday. I have not seen mention that the Raiders had any intention of attending. That certainly doesn't mean they wouldn't though. There have been reports that the Browns, Cowboys and Redskins had planned on attending the pro day. In light of this recent news that is all very much in the air.

That might not be the worst thing for Pryor. Pryor could head to the CFL or the UFL—if there is a UFL—and refine his QB skills for a year, and enter the draft next year.