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2011 NFL CBA Rules: Compensatory Draft Selections

Section 10: Compensatory Draft Selections: The rules and procedures regarding Compensatory Draft Selections previously agreed upon by the NFL and the NFLPA shall remain in effect, subsequent to any future changes as to which the parties may agree.

So, there you have it. Every "Qualifying" Free Agent that has been signed by Oakland will count against the "Qualifying Free Agents" that the Raiders have lost.

At first pass, this could be a terrible thing.

The signing and subsequent retiring of Justin Smiley may reduce a third round compensatory pick, which could be awarded for Robert Gallery, Nnamdi Asomugha or Zack Miller, to a pick at the end of the seventh round.

In a perfect World, the Raiders would step up without signing as many "Qualified Free Agents" as they lose. Think about it. If Derek Hagan is only, maybe, a notch above Bodiford, but, Bodiford represents, Bodiford + 2012 3rd Round pick, I'd stick with my guy over a free agent.

There is still much mud to be lifted from this mire, but, the first light has been shone on the conversation.

I look forward to getting to the bottom of this.


- Saint