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Terrelle Pryor's Wonderlic

That title sure brings a lot of different and varied thoughts to mind. It's actually not a bad fantasy football team name. But I digress. On Wednesday, reports were floating around that Terrelle Pryor had the impressively low score of seven on his Wonderlic.

For those of you keeping score at home, that's beyond not good. The average score is 21. Vince Young's epically low score was rumored to be six.

It appears those reports were not based in reality, however. John Clayton tells us that Steelers GM Kevin Colbert score was higher than that, and he should know; he administers the tests. Colbert:

"The report of a seven test score is erroneous. I administered both tests and I can tell you that his score was significantly higher than that. I informed all teams and scouts interested in him about the score. In scouting, we always go with the higher Wonderlic score."

Pryor took the test twice, which is a fairly common practice. The report that surfaced about his seven came from a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that was based on information attained from league sources. They claimed that on the first test Pryor answered 48 out of 50 of the question and only seven were correct.

Maybe the reports were true. But it is not fair to judge Pryor on his first score when the scale for good and bad is largely used on second test scores.