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Oakland Raiders' Louis Murphy Return Date is Getting Further Away

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Louis Murphy is not happy with his recovery from his nick/ding. It turns out that the injury was to his groin and that, according to a report by Steve Corkran, he had surgery for a sports hernia. Murphy does not sound optimistic that he will be back for Week 2. The home opener in Week 3 seems more likely.

It is not surprising that the injuries to Murphy's groin are slow in recovering. This often happens when players have to quit Viagra. I actually have no idea if this is true, and those jokes are getting a little old, but come on! What are the odds of a player getting busted for having Viagra and then missing significant time with a groin injury? That is a gift from the comedy gods right there.

It sucks that the Raiders leading receiver for the past two years will miss the first two games, but if the Raiders can't beat Denver and Buffalo without Murphy, than it is going to be a long season anyway. Besides, if Murphy makes it back for Week 3, I figure it will be just in time to switch places on the injured list with Schilens.