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Open Game Thread: 9-11-11

Like many of you, I am planted in front of my television and will be watching football all day. So, why not have this thread open for all of us to share our takes from around the League. So far, Nnamdi looks as soft in Philly as he was in Oakland.

On blitzes, he is looking for the blocker and can always be seen outside of the screen on runs to his side. Perhaps I am being a bit hard on him as he has not been targeted too often today. then again, Josh McDaniels is calling the plays for St. Louis and he may just be flashing back to last year!

In AFC West news, Kansas City is getting smoked by Buffalo, and THAT is a god thing!

Heck, if Buffalo holds on and Minnesota takes care of business against San Diego, then tomorrow night's game can be a battle for first blood atop the Division!