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Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos: Special Teams Giveth and Taketh Away, Raiders Lead 16-13

The Raiders gave away control of this game. First they allowed a punt return touchdown and sandwiched that by two drives that netted zero points. Then the defense decided to do their best to beat themselves. Penalties, penalties and more penalties.

It was so bad that on one 3rd and 10 play Kyle Orton threw incomplete, but the Broncos had their choice between two personal foul penalties. That extended the drive and allowed the Broncos to snag a field goal. Luckily the Raiders defense decided to stiffen and clean up once the Broncos got inside the ten. Captain Seymour made the big 3rd down play by recording his second sack of the night.

The Raiders got the ball back, and promptly put up their worst series of the night. Stephon Heyer was beaten on first down. Jason Campbell got drilled and fumbled. McFadden was their to fall on the ball. They then ran the ball again on a 2nd and long and picked up three yards. Leaving them with a 3rd and long. Denver blitzed and Campbell chucked a pass out of bounds to the right side in Denarius Moore's direction. Moore may have missed the hot read on that one.

That led to a three and out at the wrong time. The Broncos now have the ball near midfield. They have momentum and they are only down by three. Strap in. This is going to be a wild fourth quarter.