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2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week Two: Raiders and Denver Get NO Love

For the past several years SB Nation has done a weekly Power Ranking segment and this year is no different, as you can see here.

The Top of the chart is pretty much a toss up, but my Top Four are:

Green Bay

New England

New Orleans


It is the middle to the bottom of the chart that gives me pause. In fact, it is COMPLETELY wrong:

For one, the Oakland Raiders, who went 8-8 last season and just won a Divisional game on the road in a tough environment are still ranked behind, St. Louis, Seattle, SF, Washington, Buffalo and Tennessee and they are only one spot ahead of the Chiefs who were blown out at home and have lost the heart and soul of their defense for the year. Hmmm? Something smells fishy here...Oh I get it, the writer is a Chiefs fan! Makes Sense!

I think that the bottom spot, which is currently held by Denver is where the Chiefs belong. Maybe it is just taking a few days to sink in, eh Joel? ;)

This one from SB nation Philly has Oakland at #14, which is about where I'd rank them: HERE