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Raiders vs. Bills: Terrence McGee Won't be Missed By Bills

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CB Terrence McGee's unavailability for the Raiders game is is not unexpected, or that damaging to the Bills defensive plan. If others feel like Buffalo Rumbling's Brian Galliford on McGee's absence, then the Bills will hardly know he isn't there. Galiford:

"McGee's missed so much time over the last two seasons that it's hardly even on our radar. Leodis McKelvin and Drayton Florence will start, just like they did last year. Second-round pick Aaron Williams becomes the nickel back, and he brings much more size, athleticism and physicality to that role than last year's nickel back, Reggie Corner, did. The Bills are very deep at corner, and we won't miss McGee much for a few weeks."
It will be interesting to see if the Raiders put in more three wide receiver sets in this game to try and isolate the rookie Aaron Williams.

With Jacoby Ford likely out for the game, the Raiders third wide receiver spot is wide open. My money is on Chaz Schilens getting the start opposite DHB. Which would leave Denarious Moore, Nick Miller and Derek Hagan going for that third spot.

I imagine Moore will get a few passes, but they will likely come when he is on the outside. It would be nice to see Derek Hagan get a chance to play slot. He could use his high football IQ and good hands to take the rook Williams to school.