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Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills: Bills Will Attack Raiders Thin Secondary

If the Bills game plan is anything like last week, they are going to come out with an offensive game plan that focuses on the one area of the Raiders defense where they looked most vulnerable last week: shorter passes over the middle.

In the first quarter against the Chiefs the Bill ran the ball eight times, and threw for 11.

Of those 19 plays, 12 of them were run from the shotgun. They ran twice out of the shotgun and threw 10 times.

Fitzpatrick's first eight passes were short passes. Three to the third receiver David Nelson; two to fourth receiver Roscoe Parish, and one each to RB CJ Spiller, TE Scott Chandler and WR Steve Johnson.

Fitz then closed the quarter out by throwing deep to Nelson and then deep to Johnson for 27-yard TD that's been in the highlight reels.

On first down the Bills ran five times and passed two. On second down they passed five times and ran three. All four third down plays were passes.

The Bills are going to give the Raiders shallow CB group to test.

The Raiders best hope in slowing down the Bills is to stuff the first down running plays with their dominant defensive line, and force the Bills into second and third and longs. They did a solid job last week of tackling runners that caught the ball short of the first down stick.

And the longer the Fitzparick has to hold the ball, the more times he is going to get hit.