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Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills: Enter the Film Room

Due to the gestapo NFL, there isn't a lot of film available from the Bills Week 1 win. We do have this highlight package though. Obviously, the Bills look pretty good. It is the highlight package from a game they won 41-7. If this is all you had to go on, you would pick the Bills to win the Super Bowl.

Watching this it's pretty clear that the Bills are going to spread the Raiders out and go for quick passes over the middle.

Again the Raiders defensive line will need to penetrate or at the very least push the pocket back to clog Fitzpatrick's passing lanes, or he is going to have an easy time beating the Raiders over the middle.

The Bills spread the ball around. and they'll be spreading it against a thin secondary and OLBs that can't cover anyone.

Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs Highlights - NFL 2011 Week 1. (via NationalFootbaII)