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Breaking News: Oakland Raiders Linebacker, Travis Goethel, Joins Silver And Black Pride

That's right Raider Nation, Oakland Raiders Linebacker, Travis Goethel, has joined Silver and Black Pride. He is joining the likes of Tyvon Branch and Lamarr Houston, who have reached out to us in the past and wanted to connect with the greatest fan base in America, Raider Nation!

Being that Travis is out for the season after being placed on IR, he wants to do more than just get chicken for the guys before flights: (From Travis' Twitter)

You know what a teammate is? Someone who goes and gets chicken for the guys so they don't have to eat plane food!

So, while his teammates are in Buffalo we will be Live Blogging from his house. I believe that this is an internet first as a player will be effectively being interviewed and interacting with the fans during the game.

So, thank you Travis for reaching out to us and welcome to our crazy home on the internet. Also, if you haven't already, follow him on Twitter @TravisGoethel


- Saint