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Scoreboard Watching: Gaining Control Of The AFC West

With the victory over Denver now firmly in the rear view mirror and the game against the Bills being broken down, I want to add a little perspective on what's at stake with a victory on Sunday.

For starters, The Oakland Raiders have not been 2-0 since 2002, when the team started out 4-0.

The line for the Oakland Raider record would be 2-0, 2-0 vs AFC, 1-0 in Division and 2-0 vs common opponents.

Every other team in the AFC West will play Buffalo, so they are an important head to head chip in the event of a tie.

Denver and Kansas City are both off to worse stats than their 0-1 records would indicate as Denver is 0-1 in the AFC West and Kansas City is 0-1 against a common opponent.

It may be splitting hairs, BUT, with the Charger's victory being over the Vikings, a common but Non-League opponent, they are actually behind the Raiders on head to head standings.

If, for some reason, the Chargers lose to the Patriots, the Chiefs lose in Detroit and Denver drops this week's game against Bruce Gradkowski and the Cincy Bengals then the Raiders could hold a very nice early season advantage in the Division as they hit the roughest part of their schedule in weeks 3-5 (Jets, Patriots, Texans).

That is all I have for now and I know it is pretty early to be looking at these things, but, that is what happens when we have 5-6 days in between games.

Go Raiders!