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The Scheduling Gods Hate The Oakland Raiders:

So, it turns out that the Oakland Raiders play more games this season, six, with the 10AM EST start time than the New England Patriots. You may ask why this is a big deal, but let me tell you that the Raiders are 2-9 in their last 11 games played on the East Coast starting at 10AM. That is a terrible number.

We all know that the Raiders were not a good football team in 2008-09, but, let's take a look at the Chargers and see how they fared with 10AM starts:

The Chargers are 1-6 when travelling to the East Coast to play at 10AM. Never you mind that San Diego didn't travel to the East one time to play at 10AM last year, these two teams from the AFC and on the West Coast are a combined 3-15 when they've been asked to play at 10AM on the East Coast.

Regardless of who the better team is, Buffalo is at a distinct advantage in this one.

At least the team touched down a few minutes ago and will have two nights to adjust to the Eastern Time zone. As a somewhat frequent flier to the East Coast, it takes a couple of days to even begin to adjust.