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Raiders' Stefen Wisniewski Needs to Build on Solid Opener

Stefen Wisniewski had a mixed bag in his first NFL contest. He was very solid at the point of attack on Monday against the Broncos in both the run game and the pass game, but he struggled on the second level and also committed two penalties.

All in all, I'd say that is an impressive rookie debut. Wiz II also seemed pleased.

Wisniewski, from CSN Bay Area:

"Yeah, it was pretty much what I expected. The crowd was pretty loud and that caused us a little bit of problems. But it felt good in there. Yeah, first of many, hopefully.

"Penalties are going to happen sometimes. Holding? It wasn't actually holding, so I'm not upset about that. The offsides? Hey, I'm a rookie. First quarter. On the road. So, hopefully they'll give me one on that. But that won't happen again."

Wisniewski is in for a much different task this week. Gone are the 4-3 Denver Broncos with sub par defensive tackles, and here are the 3-4 Bills with a solid nose tackle, Kyle Williams, and a freak of nature rookie, Marcell Dareus, at defensive end.

It will be fun to watch Wisniewski handle this, and it will be a key to the Raiders. Kyle Williams is better in pass rush than on the run. That will likely mean Wisniewski is left on Dareus in running plays. That is certainly a tough task, and I am sure Wiz will get plenty of help from Veldheer and Satele—depending on the formations.