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Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills Open Thread

It's game day! I'm jacked. Hopefully I'll still feel this way after the game. The Raiders have a lot going against them in this one. They had to fly back from Denver early Tuesday morning, conduct three days of practice before jetting off cross-country for this game. On top of that, it seems there entire receiving corp is hurt, and they are playing against a team that won by 34 in their first game and is playing their home opener.

But, if the Raiders want to be a playoff team this is the kind of game they have to win, and the kind of game that they have failed miserably in during recent history.

Time and depressing time again, we have seen the Raiders come out for big road games and just look completely lost. They haven't executed, they've been out coached, and been downright bullied. It is time to put that shame to an end!

Enough pregame analyzing though; it's game time!