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Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills: Raiders' D Forgets Games Are Played for 2 Halves

Well, that was a heartbreaking way to lose a game. The Raiders had control of this game at halftime 21-3 and then the defense stayed in the locker room. Ultimately, this defense needed to make just one stop in the second half—just one!—and they couldn't do it.

Buffalo gashed them on the ground, and they picked them apart in the air. There were way too many missed tackles and way too many open receivers on quick routes.

Chris Johnson got continually picked on by the Bills as they ran out Steve Johnson more and more as the game wore on. That worked out really well for the Bills. If they weren't completing the passes then they were getting PIs. CJ had a chance to end this game and redeem himself in the last series. He made a nice leaping play and had his hands on the ball for an INT, but it was knocked away.

That was not surprising. The Raiders defense was inches off all half. On the Bills second to last touchdown, Tyvon Branch had a ball go right through his hands and into the waiting arms of a Bill.

There are plenty of positives to pull from this game, mainly from the offensive end, but I'm too disgusted to talk about them.