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Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills: Looking at a Loss Through Chief Colored Glasses

That loss stung. The Raiders had it, and they gave it up. They should be 2-0, but instead they are 1-1 with a brutal stretch of upcoming games. I spent most of Sunday in a grouchy funk. It was like waking up from the greatest dream ever to the cracked ceiling below a prison bunk.

I am finally snapping out of that haze. What brought me back to the land of the non-miserable was a little trip to the game thread for the Chiefs. Those poor bastards. Now that is a bad start. Unbelievable really.

Jamaal Charles blew out his knee early in the Lions game (check out the vid if you haven't seen it). I believe he hurt it as he landed while going out of bounds, but he crashes into the Lions mascot wile tumbling, and on first watch it looks like he tweaked his knee because the mascot did absolutely nothing to get out of the way.

Arrowehead Pride was in a collective state of disbelief."WTF! The mascot." "I bet he just blew his ACL." "This season hates us." Things like that, only more some more profane.

I have no love for the Chiefs. I root for them to lose every game, but things are going so wrong for them that it has taken the joy out of rooting against them.

Back to the Raiders. See? That loss doesn't seem as bad now. This game reminded me a lot of the Jaguars game from Week 14 last year. It was a game they should have won, but the defense was so mind numbingly horrible they didn't. They lost that game 38-31. Jump over for more....


The big difference in that game was that it was much later in the season. This season is still early. The Raiders are tied for first in the AFC West, and their offense looks amazing. Sure, they got two tough games coming up, but those will be balanced out by the two games the Chiefs have to forfeit after a string of mascot muggings. .

I'm not trying to concede the Jets game, but if they do lose that game, and then lose to the Patriots—that matchup looks bad right now—so what?

"But Rich," I hear you saying, "they'll be 1-3, and they'll be heading into Houston. This is a disaster." 

Wrong! This team plays best when their backs are against the wall. They can win games you'd never expect them to win.

They beat San Diego when they were 1-3 last year. They drove Josh McDaniels to cheating when they were 2-4. If there is one thing I have learned about watching this group of players over the past season and 1/8th, it's that you never know what the next game holds. 

I am bummed. I am disgusted by that defensive effort, but I am still excited about this team. They are undoubtedly going to give us some breathtaking moments and some gut-wrenching failures, and I am excited for the ride.

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life (via MontyPython)