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Video Highlight Breakdown of Raiders' Denarius 'Smooth' Moore

"Smooth" it's a nickname the players gave Denarius Moore in training camp, and now the entire world knows why. Moore glides down the field in a gear the defense can't match and adjusts fluidly to attack the ball at the highest point.

Moore is the kind of athlete that makes it look so easy because it seems so naturally effortless. He had 5 catches for 146 yards and 1 TD. Just because he could, he also had a carry for 25 yards.

This highlight has four of those six plays, and there is a breakdown after the jump....

(via BADsChannel)

Quarter 2, 15:00: 3rd and 13 on Bills' 36

Moore does a quick stutter step at 5 yards and bust his guy deep to the outside. Jason Campbell threw one of his worst passes of the game. He could have just drilled it to him and hit him in stride, but instead he lofted it and Moore just beat his defender to the ball, and then held onto it while he got smacked by the oncoming safety.

Quarter 2, 2:00: 1st and 10 on Raiders' 35

Moore gives a quick twist inside, and then busts Leodis McKelvin deep. He has him by two steps, and Campbell lofted a bomb from his own-28 down the right sideline to the Bills-32. The pass was a stride behind Moore, but it was a solid throw. A stride behind is better than a stride in front.

Quarter 4, 11:14: 1st and 10, Bills' 43

Moore takes the double reverse to the 19 for a 25-yard gain. Moore shows off his jets and blows by his blocker Jason Campbell. He then levied a quick stutter step and made the first guy miss.

Quarter 4. 3:15: 1st and 10, 50-yard line

This was the momentarily uplifting and permanently spectacular touchdown pass. Moore streaks down the field in man coverage with a safety over him the whole way. Campbell lets fly with his plant foot on his own-42. Moore toasts the safety, who was not ready for that kind of speed, and then goes up with McKelvin draped on and comes up with the amazing TD grab.

This kid has ball skills that make him a threat in any kind of coverage.