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Oakland Raiders Defense Was a Disaster from All Angles

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That was one sorry performance by the defense. I'm not trying to take anything away from a solid Bills' offense but giving up five touchdowns on five second half possessions is just unacceptable.

The numerical version of their failure may even be more heinously spectacular than the visual version.

I didn't look at the entire second half—that is too much horror for any one person—but I broke up the fourth quarter. It's pathetic.

The Bills had 13 first downs. Only three of those first downs ever saw third down. There were two fourth downs—both on the final drive. In the third quarter the Bills let a balanced attack shred the Raiders, in the fourth they decided to lean on their pass game.

20 of their 25 plays were passes.Fitzpatrick was 14/18 for 119 yards and 2 TDs. Chris Johnson also had two penalties on pass plays.

The Bills ran for 27 yards on five carries and had 1 TD.

You can try and pin the failures on a couple of players (Chirs Johnson) but that kind of massive failure is a team wide collapse. They only needed to make one play, or come up with one stop, and they couldn't.

Jump over for a look at the numbers broken down by down....

1st Down

Pass Plays: 8

6/7 for 56 yards and 1 and a 15-yard PI on Chris Johnson

Run Plays: 5

5 carris for 27 yards and 1 TD

2nd Down

Pass Plays: 7

4/6 for 37 yards and 1 TD and a Defensive Holding on Johnson

Run Plays: 0

3rd Down

Pass Plays: 3

2/3 for 13 yards

Run Plays: 0

4th Down

Pass Plays: 2

2/2 for 13 yards and 1TD

Run Plays: 0