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Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks: What I'll Be Watching

The fourth preseason games offers fans little insight into what their teams will look like in the regular season. But it is one of the more interesting games to watch because a handful of players are in a serious battle for a roster spot. There are definitely some fun battles brewing on this roster.

Before I get into that I have to give props to our own Oakland Raiders for being good enough to hook me up with a press pass for this game. The game is just a short drive for me, and this is the perfect game for me to catch to bring S&BP some exclusive coverage.

I have no idea what kind of coverage this will be yet, or how I'll package, but I prefer to play these kind of things by ear. There should be plenty of inspiration to bring something at least a little unique.

Although it has nothing to do with position battles, the first thing I am going to be on the lookout for is Terrelle Pryor. Hopefully the Raiders cooperate with this and actually play the athletic freak. Jump over for more....

DBs: At the very least, my access will give me a view of the whole field. This is going to come in handy when watching the DBs. I'm sure DVD will get some good run here. It would be nice to see him make a play on the ball in this one.

DVD's roster spot is set. The same can't be said for everyone behind him. Chimdi Chekwa is trying to increase his value to this team by playing safety. I am going to keep a close eye on him and try to get a read for his instincts at safety. Does he make the right reads? Does he get a good jump on the ball? He is probably going to have to look good at safety to make this team.

Lito Sheppard should get some PT.  Let's see what he has left in the tank. Hopefully it is enough to warrant a roster spot. The Raiders need another veteran in this group.

My guess is that Walter McFadden and Sterling Moore are battling for the final corner spot. If Moore manages to make a play or two in this one and lil' Walt doesn't, it is going to be hard justifying the Raiders keeping McFadden over More.

WRs: I think Nick Miller is going to have to do something spectacular to make the roster. Derek Hagan has vastly outperformed Miller. And Denarius Moore's ability to return punts has made him even more expendable.

 OL: I am really excited to key on Bruce Campbell and Joe Barksdale on the right side. They looked very solid in the second half last week playing next to each other. These two very well could be the future of the right side of this offensive line, and that future may come a lot sooner rather than later. There is also the chance that they will get some snaps with Wisniewski at center. And that has the opportunity to be the the Raiders line set up for the better part of the next decade. 

Trent Edwards vs. Kyle Boller: Boller took a giant step ahead of Edwards last week in the battle for the backup QB spot. Both guys will have plenty of opportunities to make an impression in this one. Edwards is going to have to be spectacular to pass Boller. This is especially vital to both guys as the loser in this battle will likely be cut when Pryor is activated after Week 5.