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Oakland Raiders Roster Cuts: Tough Decisions on DBs

The roster cuts for the defensive backs are going to be the hardest of any position. Unfortunately it is not because all of these guys are great. These cuts will be more about measuring potential than anything. The Raiders will likely keep 10 DBs. That number may fluctuate, but I'll use that for a base.

Stanford Routt, Chris Johnson, Demarcus Van Dyke, Michael Huff and Tyvon Branch are locks. That's five spots. Mike Mitchell is probably as good as in too, unless his injury is so severe he winds up on IR. We'll just say he's in though. That's six spots with a lot battling for four.

Lito Sheppard, Walter McFadden, Jeremy Ware and Sterling More are likely battling for two spots. 

I have no idea about Lito Sheppard. We haven't seen him play yet. I gotta believe he still has enough left in the tank to make this roster, and they need the experience. I think More has shown enough to beat Ware and McFadden, but my gut tells me he is headed to the practice squad and Jeremy Ware makes this team while Walter McFadden hits the unemployed line.

Stevie Brown, Jerome Boyd and Chimdi Chekwa are likely battling for two spots.

 My initial reaction is cut Boyd, but the Raiders seem higher on him than I am. My prediction is Chekwa heads to the practice squad to learn the safety position and get reps while Brown and Boyd make it.

What do you guys think?