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Raiders Seahawks: Offense Looks Sleepy, Raiders Trail 10-3 at Half

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy—the Raiders failed to do the little things to seize momentum in this half. That was apparent on third downs, and the Raiders are losing as a result.

The Raiders starting offense played into the second quarter. I was shocked, but Hue must be desperate to get something positive going. It didn't work.

They failed to get much momentum against the second team D. They still managed to get a field goal out of it. Cambell was quick to check down on that drive, and the Raiders O-line didn't open up big enough holes on first down runs. They should've abused the Seahawks second team and didn't. They were solid on pass protection though.

The offense was a disappointment. The run defense was not. The D-line threw the Hawks O-line around. But Hawks QBs were still able to break down pass coverage when they scrambled. There Raiders gave up too many easy pass plays.

The Raiders have a lot to work on to be ready for Denver.