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Oakland Raiders: Denarius Moore's Performance Demands More Playing Time

Raiders' rookie Denarius Moore had himself a day against Buffalo. It was so good, he has apparently muscled his way into some more playing time.

Here is Hue Jackson, as quoted by Steve Corkran, when asked if Moore had earned more playing time:

"Oh, boy, you better believe he has. There’s no doubt. You can’t deny that one. What the guy’s doing, as I said before, he’s done it in training camp, he’s done it in practice, he’s done it in preseason games and he’s done it in regular-season games. He is as advertised. He made some plays. It’s going to be hard to keep that young man off the field, and he hasn’t been. He’s been one of the active guys, and we’ll continue to fire that."

So the question is, whose playing time is he going to cut into? There is a chance that DHB, Ford and Murphy will all be back next week. I am skeptical that Ford will be back, and maybe none of them will be back—who knows? But that is beside the point.

If all these guys were healthy, whose playing time would Moore cut into? Derek Hagan is also making a bid for playing time, although Hue seems to have cemented him at the bottom of the depth chart, and Chaz Schilens is finally healthy.

Frankly, all of these guys deserve snaps, but there isn't enough to go around. All I can say for sure is, that it would be hard to justify ever taking Moore off of the field. He was that good against Buffalo. Let the rest battle it out for No. 2.