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Black Hole Story: A West Side Story Parody

I like To be in Alameda,

Silver and Black's in Alameda,

The Raiders attack in Alameda,

We'd better sell out in Alameda!


The Jets are gonna pay Sunday,

D-Mac will have his way, Sunday,

The fat toe sucker will go DOWN,

And when he's hollered uncle,

He'll look like a CLOWN...SUNDAY!

Man, nothing like a little Bernstein, Sondheim and Laurents to get the blood boiling on a Tuesday morning eh? Let me guess, not what you were expecting to read? Well, this Sunday, Broadway WILL come to Oakland, and Broadway WILL be shut down early and sent back on the road. We shall see if the "I feel Pretty-Boy" feels so pretty after meeting THIS Oakland Raider squad!

Go Raiders!


OH NO, Rex Ryan, NO!

You should know better,

Mark Sanchez, he, has no arm,

A boy like him can do no harm,

We will send the pressure, set the pace,

Then Big Ol' Dick Seymour will sit on his FACE...Sunday!