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NFL Point Spreads: Don't Touch Raiders vs. Jets

The first two Oakland Raiders games offered easy money bets. Take the over. They squeaked by in the opener by a point and half, and absolutely obliterated it last week.

I am not as confident this week. The over/under is at 42. If I was forced to pick one, I am taking the over. But I would do it with trepidation. While the Raiders defense was horrible last week, they should bounce back for the home opener and a full week's rest. They also should dominate the Jets offensive line.

And while the Raiders offense looked unstoppable last week, they have not faced anything that approaches the kind of test they will face against the Jets.

Then there is the point spread. The Raiders are 3.5 dogs. This game could go either way. I am hoping as the week goes on, I will have a better feel for who will win, but I have no idea now. I can see thousands of scenarios that have the Jets winning and thousands that have the Raiders coming out on top.