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Fantasy Football Week 3: Raiders/Jets Part 1

Ahoy, Raider fans! It's the pundit of prognostication, the vizier of visions, the emperor of extra-sensory perception, RaiderDamus here to take a look four days into the future at the Raiders vs. Jets game in Oakland from a fantasy football perspective. I know some of you Raider fans out there love to play make-believe football, and so does RaiderDamus. Check out my completely and totally accurate* readings of the future after the jump!


Alright, let's start with the Jets. Now, the Jets have several players that are owned in virtually all fantasy leagues. We'll take them one by one. This post seems like it will be pretty long-winded so I'll cover the Raider fantasy players in Part 2.


Mark Sanchez- Here is a guy who is pretty underrated for fantasy purposes. He's seen as a caretaker QB for a rushing and defense oriented team. This reputation is mostly due to his rookie season where he started all the games and had a TD/INT ratio of 12/20. He was not very good, but the Jets were pretty good because they had a tremendous defense and rushing attack. Since his rookie season, Sanchez has posted 3808 passing yards with a TD/INT ratio of 21/16. That isn't great, but it's good enough to win with the Jets. In Week 1 against the Cowboys, Sanchez threw for 335 yards and 2 TDs. Against the Jaguars, he didn't pass very often, but still managed another two TD passes.


Against the Raiders this week, Sanchez is a solid play. He's got two above-average wideouts (I'll get to them in a minute), a good rushing game to mix it up and take the pressure off him, and the ability to scramble. Sanchez was likely not drafted as a starter on most people's fantasy team, but if you have him and your starter is facing a difficult matchup this might be a good week to start Sanchez.


Santonio Holmes/Plaxico Burress: It's hard to say who is the better play here. In the Raiders' first two games, their opponent had one wideout head and shoulders above the rest. The Jets have two guys who are about as good as each other and take turns having big games. However, chances are that you do not own both of them. Whichever one you have, start him. Whichever one Stanford Routt is not covering will probably catch the ball thrown to him.


Shonn Greene: Greene really isn't that good. He was being hyped as a RB2 or borderline RB1 before the season started now that Tomlinson has taken a back seat, but has shown himself barely worthy of a flex position. The Raider defense will have plenty of time to prepare and in Oakland, Greene is not a good play. Start him only if you have three RB slots. With Nick Mangold out, Greene will find rushing lanes hard to come by.


Jets DEF: Always start the Jets defense, against every team except New England, at all times. They are far too stout against the run and opportunistic against the pass to ever bench them. Who knows what Raider offense will show up this week- the one that torched the Bills, or the one that got bogged down in Denver? The Jets defense is a top five play this week.


The Jets also have another skill player in Dustin Keller, but he's not owned by pretty much anyone and isn't worth mentioning here. Don't bother with him.


*may not always be totally accurate