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Dark Arts Come to Front Page

RaiderDamus is taking his dark arts to the masses without the middle man. RDreamer has joined the front page crew. He will be writing on things that stir his purely mortal self and giving us glimpses of the future that he has foreseen while utilizing the full and massive powers of his soothsaying capabilities. And maybe other takes from other personalities. It is hard to tell The Dam is a complex dude.

I look forward to reading what he has to offer, and welcome the new addition to the front page for what should be an entertaining season. Let's just hope this new addition is better than this New Edition after the jump.

Although, I will say that, ironically—or perhaps not—the sick and ultra-manly dance at the beginning of this video is the exact one that Saint, RaiderWay, SOB brhynno and I all did to make his addition official. Also, make sure to scroll down below this pointless post because I just buried his first post.