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Oakland Raiders Personnel Packaging vs. Buffalo Bills Continued

If you missed the first quarter action, you can find it HERE.

without further ado, hit the jump for the rest of the half's personnel packaging extravaganza. This ain't your typical Raiders...

Oakland concluded a 14 play 71 yard drive with a Michael Bush TD from the 1, consuming 7:25 on the clock.

Janikowski's kickoff is fielded in the end zone for the TB.

Buffalo in 11 personnel, three wide receiver set, but TE Scott Chandler moves in and out of the FB position to TE on both sides as well. Wimbley's on the field at DE, Groves and McClain the linebackers, and five defensive backs with Huff the primary nickel cover DB on the slot receiver. Handoff to Jackson attempting to go up the middle gets back to the line.

2nd and 10. Buffalo again in 01 spread, empty backfield slot receiver shadowing strong side TE Chandler this time. Opposite side slot receiver Fred Jackson runs a short out with Stevie Johnson slanting in covered by Chris Johnson on the outside. Fitz attempts to hit Johnson and CJ could've been called for a flag here too; tight coverage and it falls incomplete.

3rd and 10. Buffalo so far 1/3 third down conversions. Buffalo now in what looks like 21 personnel in a max protect scheme, two backs and the TE stays in to block, three wide, slot right. Looks like Fitzpatrick expects Routt to jump on the deeper in route, but Stanford recognizes the route by Donald Jones underneath and jumps it for the interception at the Bills 34.

1st and 10 Raiders in 21 personnel, but Reece lines up in a three wide receiver bunch in a split end position with Denarius Moore wide and Derek Hagan in the slot. Chaz Schilens is flanking weak side alone, Darren McFadden deep Reece motions to FB, then back to split end. Jason Campbell on the five step drop steps up and finds Hagan on the crossing pattern underneath coverage to the 18yard line complete for 16 yards.

1st and 10 on the 18, Jason Campbell under center, Raiders in their decoy 11 personnel, three wide set, but it's Marcel "the beast" Reece flanking left, Hagan right, Moore lined up slot right. JC hits Marcel on a short in pattern for about six yards.

2nd and 4 on the 12. 21 personnel, JC under center, backs in the I formation. Campbell fakes the give to Reece then gives to McFadden who finds room around the outside on the left behind reece for about six more.

1st and goal on the 6. 21 personnel, Reece offset strong side, McFadden deep, JC under center, Derek Hagan left side flanker, Moore on the right. Handoff to McFadden up the middle left side for about a yard or two, tackled by first round pick Marcel Dareus.

2nd and goal. again in 21 personnel, and handoff off tackle left. Nick Barnett attempts to shoot the gap outside and McFadden makes him miss with a smooth stiff arm and runs around the left side for the TD. Nice block by Wisniewski on this play.

Janikowski's kick in the back of the end zone again goes for a touchback.

1st and 10 Buffalo from the 20. They come out in a single back three wide, 11 personnel set, but the back Jackson motions out wide left before the snap. Three wide right side, Fitzpatrick shotgun. Screen pass right side to Parrish who finds room for about 10 yards after the catch over the middle beating Giordano. Gailey had him running all day.

1st and 10 from the 36. 10 personnel single back spread formation with four wide, three on the left. Wide flanker moves in to shadow the two slots at split end. Fitzpatrick hits Stevie Johnson crossing left to right for about 19. This is Buffalo's only second play in Raider territory today.

1st and 10 from 46. Same formation, only flipped; Stevie Johnson wide right now. This time Brad Smith is in the slot, who motions to right side back in the pro formation before the snap. Fitzgerald shotgun, fakes the handoff to Smith and gives to Jackson who rumbles forward for about 4, tackled by Matt Shaughnessy.

2nd and 5, 41 yard line. 10 personnel, three wide right side, Stevie Johnson alone opposite, Jackson deep strong side. Short pass to Johnson on the sit complete for about 8.

1st and 10, 32. 10 personnel, two wide left, two right; Brad Smith again slot left, motions to deep backfield on the strong side. Handoff to Jackson up the middle nets two.

2nd and 8, 30. Single back four wide, three right side. Raiders in dime coverage with six defensive backs on the field. Boyd most often coming in replacing the backer Groves on passing situations with multiple receiver sets. Van Dyke also in. Boyd comes on the blitz, and a quick pass to the left side complete, but Raiders have 12 men on the field, for the flag.

2nd and 2, 24. 11 personnel, three wide bunched right in trio or tre formation, Chandler on the weakside, motions to deep strongside backfield before the snap. Brad smith shotgun in the wildcat formation, takes the snap and picks up seven sneaking around the sealed left edge, tackled by Groves.

1st and 10, 17. Empty backfield 00 personnel, five wide two left, three right, and Brad Smith split end strong side. Fitzpatrick drops back and fires over the middle intended for Don Nelson, tipped away incomplete by Rolando McClain. Nice play by Rolando to save the TD. Buffalo with four first downs this drive seems to be gaining momentum and wearing down our defense doing so.

2nd and 10. Fitzpatrick now 6/12 for 79 yards. Stat tracker shows first three drives netted 43 yards, compared to the 63 already on this drive. Handoff to Fred Jackson right side gets a few yards.

3rd and 7 on 14. Single back four wide, two each side, slot right motions left before the snap. Fitzpatrick hits this receiver for close to 7.

Chains reveal it's less than a foot short.

Ryan Lindell comes on for the 25 yarder, good. 14-3 Raiders, 2:35 remaining in the first half.

Nick Miller takes the kick at around the 4 yard line and is tripped up at about the 17.

1st and 10 Raiders from the 18. Single back, four wide set, three left side, McFadden deep strong side, Nick Miller slot left, Shilens split end weak side, Denarius Moore wide left, Derek Hagan right. Handoff to McFadden for a yard.

Buffalo time out. 2nd and 9, 19. 10 personnel, four wide again. Moore flanking left, Hagan slot left, Schilens slot right, Miller flanking right, motions inside Schilens before the snap, JC shotgun. Jason gets it and drops back, setting up a nice screen to McFadden for 16 to the 35 yard line.

2:00 warning. 1st and 10, 35. Raiders again 10 personnel, Mike Bush the single back, JC shotgun. JC drops back and sees Moore flanking right beating CB Leodis McKelvin on the nine route go/fly, fading nicely to make the catch for a pickup of 42 yards down the right sideline. Cliff Branch anyone? Cliff Branch and Tim Brown rolled into one?

1st and 10 from the Buffalo 23. 10 personnel, Mike Bush again, Nick and Derek left side, Chaz and Denarius right, MC shotgun. The QB delay draw to Mike Bush who finds a huge hole and space down to about the 1 yard line, almost getting in, for a 22 yard gain. Nice job by Campbell selling it, and Bush executing.

Wilcots noting Hue Jackson's committee with receivers on the sideline before a goal line play might be tipping off the defense that it's pass...

11 personnel, Bush in the backfield Myers strong side, Schilens the slot receiver weakside left, JC under center. Schilens motions to the middle, then back to left side TE. Handoff to Bush nets the easy TD.

21-3 Raiders with 1:22 remaining in the half.

Buffalo single back four wide set, Fitzpatrick shotgun, Fred Jackson weak side deep backfield. Three wide right. Johnson solo left. Pass is to the inside slot receiver on the right, Donald Jones who goes down and out for eight yards.

2nd and inches. Buffalo empty backfield, five wide receivers. Fitz shotgun, Raiders in dime coverage: usually CJ and Routt primary corners, Huff the nickel corner, Boyd the hybrid LB/S, and Giordano the FS and Branch the SS. Pass over the middle looks complete for about 20, but it's ruled incomplete. Multiple flags on the play, but Branch is the one that counts: a helmet to helmet hit on a defenseless Stevie Johnson.

1st and 10 Buffalo on the 43 after the fifteen yard penalty. Buffalo again four wide single back set, and they keep switching sides of the field. 'This time they're left side, lone receiver right. Usually Johnson, but might be sitting out this play. Flanker right cuts underneath the coverage and Fitzpatrick hits him, but it's dropped; incomplete.

2nd and 10, two WR right, three left, empty backfield, Fitz shotgun. Fitzpatrick finds Nelson in the middle for nine.

3rd and 1. Buffalo hurries to the line. Fitz keeps it and gains a few and the first.

1st and 10, single back four wide set, three left, Stevie Johnson right again. 0:44 on the clock, Buffalo one time out remaining. Screen to Jackson underneath, hit by McClain who can't hold on, Jackson gets the first and some change.

Buffalo hurries back to the line, 1st and 10 on the Raider 30. Buffalo single back four wide, Stevie Johnson left side now. Pass to David Nelson slant in for nine.

Fitz spikes it to stop the clock at :09. 3rd and 1, empty backfield two wide left, three right. Fitzpatrick fires to Stevie Johnson near the five yard line on the hands, too hot and a little high for Stevie; incomplete.

Lindell comes on for the attempt of 39 yards, and pulls it wide left.

Half concludes Raiders 21-3. The half didn't seem as dominant as the scoreboard would indicate broken down. The emergence of Moore and a downfield passing game is exciting, to say the least. We need the defense to step up and get some takeaways if we want to be competitive making a bid for this division. As is, we're not ready for the playoffs. I hope the defense can mature, and fast. Fitzpatrick is giving a nice blueprint on how to beat us with this game. I'd like to see some of our guys trying to clog passing lanes when qbs are getting the ball out as fast as Fitzpatrick was in this game. If they can't get to him, get in his face and disrupt a little more, and maybe help cause some turnovers.

I'll try to get in at least one more quarter from this game, and one from the NE/SD game tomorrow, but it's been an extremely busy week for me. Plus we all know how the second half starts and ends, and let's just say most of us kind of had the feeling once Buffalo scored on the opening second half drive in swift fashion that it would end up that way, and we'd have to watch two quarters of football to see it happen.

Looking forward to my first season home game in my Black Hole seats before a sold out coliseum! GO RAIDERS!!!!! WE'RE GONNA BE FREAKING LOUD AS HELL!!! TWELFTH MAN BABY!