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New York Jets vs. Oakland Raiders: Will Iceburg or Boat Win in this Titanic Ground Clash?

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The Oakland Raiders prodigious running game will be facing a tough test against the New York Jets stiff run defense. The Jets are solid on all levels of the defense at stopping the run, and the Raiders are good on all levels at running the ball. Something has to give. Let's take a look at the numbers.

The Jets' defense is 8th in the league allowing just an average of 3.3 yards allowed per carry. The Raiders are averaging 4.7 yards per carry. That is good for 10th in the league.

The Jets opposition has just 33 percent success on power run plays. A power run play is any third or fourth down run with two yards or less to go. This is the sixth best percentage in the league. The Raiders' offense has a 75 percent success rate. That is 10th best. Jump over for more....

New York have stuffed 19 percent of run plays (zero or less yards on a run). That is the 20th best percentage. The Raiders have had 11 percent of their runs stuffed. That is good for 11th in the league.

They are the eighth best team in both yards allowed in the second level and the open field. The Raiders are 14th best in the second level and 6th in the open field.

They are ranked 18th, 14th and 24 in runs to the left outside, the left and center. The Raiders are 7th, 4th and 18th in those areas.

The Raiders should have an edge rushing left. This is going to be key, especially when they need to pick up the tough yards on power run plays.

One distinct advantage the Raiders will have on the ground is speed. The Jets run a 3-4. That means big, slow linemen. But they don't have fast LBs to back these guys up. These guys are strong, but not fast. The Raiders will just need to hold a block for a second to give McFadden enough room to blow past these guys.

That is easier said than done, but this is also an area where Kevin Boss could make a huge impact.

That said, they will have little hope of accomplishing this if they cannot loosen the Jets up with success in the passing game. Otherwise this is going to be a long day. If the Jets' corners can shut down the Raiders pass plays with little more than their corners, the Raiders are going to face numerous eight man boxes, and that is not a recipe for success against this Jets team.