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Friday Football Foretelling Week 3: Raiders vs. Jets



Greetings, believers and nonbelievers alike! It is I, RaiderDamus, the master of mysticism, the sultan of sage, the pontiff of prognostication. I have been deep in the unseen world this morning, and I bring forth visions of violence and viciousness, the vitriol and virulence that shall spring forth from the vile vat of humanity known as the Black Hole. Click through to see what news of the future RaiderDamus brings forth from the great beyond!


This week's game will be a battle of two very talented and physical teams. The Jets beat you with a stifling run defense, All-World cornerbacks, and a nose for the football. They are very opportunistic and force a lot of turnovers. I want to point out here that when the Raiders face an opponent clearly better than they, the Raiders usually don't lose because of the talent gap- they lose because they commit stupid turnovers and penalties and shoot themselves in the foot. If the Raiders played smart, disciplined football, they would be in the very top tier of teams in this league. The talent is there, it just isn't used as effectively as other teams use theirs because of a lack of smart play.


I believe Hue Jackson can and will put a stop to that. The Raiders will gradually increase discipline and reduce penalty yardage as the season goes on. So what does all this mean for the Jets game?


It means a heaping helping of Kevin Boss. He will be a huge part of the game plan. He will use his athleticism and terrific hands to win the battles over the linebackers forced to cover him. He will assist Veldheer and Wisniewski in opening up holes for McFadden and Bush. He will catch one touchdown pass.


McFadden will have an okay day. He will rush for less than 100 yards, but he will move the chains and generally be an effective foil to the passing game. The wide receivers will use a lot of slant patterns to get on the inside of the cornerbacks. They will have marginal success. The Jets are very good tacklers.


Jason Campbell will be efficient, he will be poised, and he will after the game be described as "okay". He will throw two touchdown passes. He will throw one interception. It will not be his fault.


Mark Sanchez will be better than Campbell. He has better receivers and a slightly better offensive line. His gameplan shall be to stretch the defense with Burress and Holmes. They will either catch the ball or not, but if not it will be because of a defensive penalty, which is an automatic first down. Win-win for Sanchez. He will bomb it out early and often, and when he does it will open up the middle of the field for dink and dunk short passes to Greene and occasionally Tomlinson.


The Jets will not have much success running the football. Shonn Greene isn't that fast, and Nick Mangold will not be blocking for him. However, D'Brickashaw Ferguson will, and that will be enough to have some semblance of a running game, enough to keep the Raiders from dropping seven into coverage. They will try to bruise the Raiders. It will not matter. Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly will both have a sack.


In the end, this will be a hard-fought, exhausting game in front of a raucous crowd. The Raiders will keep it close, but in the end a special-teams play will put it out of their reach. The Jets are a better team, and they will escape this one. Jets win, 31-21.


So, now that I have given you the actual result of the game, it's your turn to tell RaiderDamus why he is foolish, curse the fates for the fortune you have been dealt, and try to predict the game better than me. Good luck with that.