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Opening Game Tailgate Thread:

Hell yes, Raider Nation, I am EXCITED!!!

It is difficult to contain the passion that burns inside of me to get to the Coliseum and enjoy the entire Game Day experience.

There is something about seeing the smoke from thousands of grills filling the air above the Coliseum parking lot and knowing that the clock is slowly ticking down to game time.

It is always awesome throwing down with the Grill Iron Gang and this week we will be joined by 150+ members of the Raider Nation, so I expect it to be wild and crazy.

If you are planning on making it by then come and see us across from the Arena on the North side, first row. Bring something or bring your appetite and few bucks for the Gang, Robert and Trei, who always end up spending a hefty sum.

I'd love to see more of you out there because we get to talk some serious Raider Football and occasionally, "wink-wink", a HOFer or two stop by.

Also, if you already have a tailgate going, I will be coming around and filming some tailgates for SB Nation, so let me know here and I'll be sure to come on by.


- Saint