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Oakland Raiders Injury Updates: Third of Defense Suffers Some Sort of Injury

We'll just hit the bad news first—the injuries. And it really isn't all that all that bad; I don't think. Darren McFadden suffered a groin injury. According to Steve Corkran, McFadden said after the game that it just tightened up and he'll be fine. Muscle injuries are tricky. Here's to hoping it is minor.

Michael Huff suffered a concussion. Everyone heels differently from concussions, and all concussions are different. He'll have to pass the concussion test before returning. I believe this is his first concussion with the Raiders, although don't quote me on that.

Chris Johnson pulled his hammy early. He already had an ailing groin. I'd be shocked if he could play next week, but there is no official word.

Matt Shaughnessy also suffered a shoulder injury. There is a real dearth of news on this. Hopefully it is minor as well.

Quentin Groves tweaked his quad. Again, that is the muscle thing. Even minor tweaks usually result in a one week absences. The way he was limping I wouldn't be surprised if he was out a couple of weeks.

Marcel Reece also left with an ankle injury. Hopefully it is not in the dreaded high ankle