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Oakland Raiders Make New York Jets Look Slow, Weak and Old

Jarvis Moss executes a flawless Jack Bauer sleeper hold.
Jarvis Moss executes a flawless Jack Bauer sleeper hold.

The Raiders have had a few big wins since last season, but this may have been the most impressive. The Raiders have struggled against teams with powerful front sevens. They haven't been able to get the run game on track, and they had just been flat out bullied. The Raiders were the bullies in this one.

The Raiders were simply too strong and too fast for the Jets, and nowhere was this more apparent than in the run game (with a close second to their D-line). Hue's crew ran for 234 yards on 32 carries and added four rushing touchdowns.

Darren McFadden led the way. His 171 yards are the most the Jets have allowed to a running back under Rex Ryan, and he is just the fourth running back to crack the century mark against Ryan's Jets.

Enough cannot be said by the job turned in by this offensive line. They were all fantastic. Wisniewski played well beyond his years, Satele was solid, and had the block of the week on Moore's reverse TD run. And Jared Veldheer turned in one of his finest performances. He was great at the point of attack and awesome on the second level.

The great blocking was not all turned in by the linemen either. Kevin Boss was everything we'd hoped he'd be. When McFadden broke off long runs, they were started by Boss sealing the edge. Also, Richard Gordon got a few snaps at fullback, and did a fine job laying his massive body on overmatched Jets. The wide receivers also did a tremendous job of downfield blocking.

These guys weren't just great in run blocking either. They were stellar in pass protection. Jason Campbell was sacked only one time, and Darren McFadden sacked him when their feet got tangled.

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  • Jason Campbell stats aren't pretty. He was 18/27 for 156 with no touchdowns or interceptions. But don't let that fool you. He played a fantastic game. He made excellent decisions and showed excellent pocket awareness. He also turned in one of the biggest plays of the game with a brilliant pass to Michael Bush on the Raiders last drive. That was a thing of beauty, and it started with him creating the opportunity with his feet. 
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  • Denarius Moore is making the awesome routine. His cutback on the reverse took two Jets out of the play, and his stretch and dive to break the goal line defied gravity. He also caught four passes and drew a PI on another. 
  • Alg_raiders_moore_medium
  • Had the Raiders signed Antonio Cromartie he would have been hard pressed to ever make as positive an impact for them today as he did as a member of the Jets. He had four penalties and the gaffe of the game on a fumbled kickoff. He then left the game with a bruised lung. 
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  • Jarvis Moss was absolutely spectacular. He had two sacks, a tackle for a loss and a tipped pass. He showed off his athleticism by quickly acting to misdirections. He was a key player in stopping the effectiveness of the Jets bootlegs. 
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  • Lamarr Houston had his finest game of the season. He did a great job sealing the edge and pushing his linemen back to disrupt run plays.
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  • The rest of the D-line: If Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour weren't routinely amazing, they would get singled out here because they were stellar again. John Henderson was also absolutely beastly. This guy is strong enough to wreck three blocker on a single run play. Henderson is a classic example of a defensive tackle whose impact you can't measure by stats.
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  • Sebastian Janikowski! What a game for SeaBass. When Al Davis drafted Jano in the first round this is what he envisioned. Janikowski has been on a steady incline throughout his career, and he is now without question the best in the game. He has made 50-yarders a chip shot. The 49-yarder to seal the game was dead center and it hit the net halfway up. That was a clutch kick. Most kickers, if not all, in the NFL and you strongly consider punting there. The risk of field position is too much. With SeaBass it is a no-brainer.
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  • Rolando McClain continues to be up and down. He made some nice plays in the pass and run game, and he finished with 12 tackles. He also did his Death Ro Suplex Slam, and this time it was a tight end, but he still runs right into blockers too often. He also whiffed on a tackle to LT on the first quarter screen pass. 
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  • Speaking of LT...I can't tell you how happy I am LT is no longer in the AFC West. If he played the Raiders every game he'd have a million touchdowns and a bazillion yards. Have a nice flight back to NY, LT. This very well could be the last time the Raiders have to play him.
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