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Darren McFadden Highlights vs. Jets: Watch All of McFadden's Touches

I give a hearty Raider Nation keg stand to NiceNinjaX for posting this excellent Darren McFadden highlights video on youtube. Well, it's not a highlight video. It is every single one of his touches, but McFadden was so chock-full of awesomeness that it plays like a highlight video. 

Ninja doesn't just settle for the video as it played on TV. There is also an excellent statistical breakdown.

After watching this video a few hundred times, one thought began to dominate my mind. Just over a year ago there were very few people, if any, that thought McFadden would ever be able to run between the tackles. And we thought that for good reason. McFadden often fell on the slightest of contact, and sometimes before contact.

Those days are looooong gone. McFadden feels the holes and the flow of the defense to hit holes in the line with aplomb. And when there aren't holes there he hits them with violence. He seldom every loses yards, and he almost always has the power to gain another yard while being tackled. 

It is really amazing how quickly and severely McFadden has turned his career around. He is now legitimately in the conversation for best running back in the league.