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Oakland Raiders' Denarius Moore Creeping to Top of Rookie Rankings

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Oakland Raider fifth round rookie Denarius Moore is getting national recognition for being awesome. ESPN is doing a weekly power ranking of the 2011 rookies. Moore is third. He trails only Von Miller and Cam Newton.

Moore is by far the lowest drafted rookie in the top ten. There are seven first rounders, one second rounder and one third rounder in the top 10. Moore is ahead of high profile WR rookies AJ Green (No. 6) and Julio Jones (No. 10).

Moore continues the welcomed trend of draft steals by the Raiders. Here is the overview of Moore provided by ESPN:

Moore often did battle with Darrelle Revis on Sunday. But he still found a way to make his presence felt with a run for a touchdown late in the game on a reverse. This guy is a big-time playmaker.

Can't argue with anything they said there. Moore is most definitely a big-time playmaker. It is going to be really interesting to see how Hue Jackson adjusts Moore's role as Jacoby Ford returns. I expect Ford will cut into Moore's touches, but it is clear that Moore is going to produce when he has the ball in his hands.