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Oakland Raiders Roster Cuts: Ware and Brown Next to Fall

More DBs falling by the wayside for the Raiders. Stevie Brown Jeremy Ware join the new list of ex-Raiders with Walter McFadden and Lito Sheppard. This means that Sterling Moore and Joey Porter are virtual locks to make the roster now.

Ware had shown flashes of good play last season and this preseason, but he has been very inconsistent and certainly can't be counted on. That said, I would much rather have him on this roster than Porter. I guess the Raiders see something in Porter that I have failed to catch. Whatever it is, they didn't see it last year.

Ware was kept over Porter in 2010.

Stevie Brown's cut was also a mild surprise. Brown has had a rough preseason, but he entered this preseason as the main backup free safety with plans to get lots of playing time as Huff slid to nickel corner. That role is now likely going to Jerome "missed tackle" Boyd. Chimdi Chekwa is also now likely in. He is still very much a work in progress at safety.