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There Is No Way That The Oakland Raiders Are Done With the 53 Man Roster

The numbers just don't add up Raider Nation:

Two Quarterbacks, five linebackers, two offensive guards, seven wide receivers, six running backs, one free safety?

This is a very odd roster, especially when the back-up linebackers are Bruce Davis II and Darryl Blackstock.

There must be a TON of head scratching going on in Oakland because there is no middle linebacker to back up McClain, no rotational safety and four of five guys may or may not even make it onto the field.

The release of Daniel Loper was quite a surprise. Loper was the starting offensive guard when camp began and now he is looking for a job.

There will be a third quarterback signed, there will be a running back released, there will be a wide-out and tight end released and there are some big holes at OG, MLB and FS. Can it be that an offensive guard, Brandon Merriweather and Lofa Tatupu are on their ways to Oakland?

Stay tuned Raider Nation because this is a real doozie!