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Does The Trent Edwards Release Signal An Appeal Of Terrelle Pryor's Suspension?

Now, this is only speculation, but there are a couple of things that point to the potential appeal of Pryor's suspension.

For one, as the roster currently stands, Shane Lechler is the Oakland Raider third string quarterback. Now, I've seen Shane throw the rock in Training Camp and he did look better than Jordan LaSecla, but we can't really believe that carrying an extra running back and wide out are worth going into week one being two plays away from seeing Lechler under Center.

The second piece is the fact that Jim Tressel signed with the Colts and is, I believe, at the moment working with the team. It would be quite an injustice to see Tressel upstairs for the Colts while Pryor is being held off the field for the Raiders.

So, yes, this IS all speculation, but, that's what we do, we specualte and we spectate!

So, who else is out there?

Josh McCown, Rudy Carpenter, Scott Tolzien and  Graham Harrell are all intriguing candidates, but, I would rather have Tyrelle Pryor practicing sooner rather than later.

The good news is that the Raiders are NOT the 49ers who have only Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick under contract.