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Raiders' Terrelle Pryor's Suspension was Upheld

Terrelle Pryor will be isolated from the Raiders for two games as his suspension was upheld today. The Raiders will not suffer an immediate impact from this decision. Pryor is not likely to get, or be ready, for any playing time at QB this year. If he is going to see the field, it would likely be in certain packages to utilize his versatility, and the Raiders already have plenty of players to use in trick play packages.

This decision certainly does Pryor or the Raiders any favors in the long run. Pryor needs all the practice time he can get. He already missed all of the valuable reps available in training camp, and now he will miss two more weeks of practice time.

Pryor needs all the coaching he can get to adjust to the NFL game. He has a long way to go before he will be a viable quarterback option. Hopefully, the Raiders can make up for this missed practice time by making a deep playoff run.