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Oakland Raiders, Terrelle Pryor To Appeal Suspension:

According to multiple sources, including the USA Today, Oakland Raiders Quarterback Terrelle Pryor will appeal his 5 game suspension:

Breer tweeted late Sunday morning Pryor is filing this appeal, "in part, because of concerns voiced by veteran players on this matter." Florio indicated the concern is the NFL helping enforce NCAA regulations with its discipline. The league has said it isn't setting any precedent. But based on the letter acquired, it is Florio's opinion that, "it's obvious that the violation of NCAA regulations could affect future NFL players, especially as it relates to a player's ability to enter the NFL


You had better bet that having Jim Tressel join the Colts without as much as a peep coming from the League office had at least a little to do with this. So, my speculation last night was correct, the release of Trent Edwards did signify that Terrelle Pryor would appeal his suspension, and you know what, this is the proper thing to do. In the real world, if you got suspended from school, your new employer doesn't hire you and not let you start for 5 weeks because of your actions in college. They either hire you or they don't.

You also have to think that deep inside Mr. Davis is taking this chance to expose the League for what they have become. Go get them Al!

Their nonsense was never on better display than when Roger Goodell suspended a retired player, Eric Barton, yesterday: (From Eric Barton's Twitter)

: suspended me from what I retired a month ago. GODell is now suspending retired players? wow!" THIS!

Good luck Terrelle, now just don't appeal the Raider's decision to NOT allow you to wear #2 and we'll be alright!