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Oakland Raiders Roster: Familiar Face Adds Depth to LB Unit

Oakland Raider Nation, rest easy. The linebacking woes have been solved. Ricky Brown was signed today. Well, maybe I shouldn't go that far. We all know damn good and well that Ricky Brown doesn't solve all the problems the Raiders have at linebacker.

He does solve one huge problem though. This team didn't have a backup middle linebacker. This move gives the Raiders someone that should be able to step in to the system with some sense of familiarity. While the Raiders have a new D-coordinator, and some new wrinkles, there will be a lot in place that Brown is already familiar with. And he will be comfortable with his teammates.

Brown was among the cuts of the New England Patriots on Saturday. To make room for Brown, the Raiders released Guard, Seth Wand.

I am sure this is the first of several moves the Raiders will make in the coming days.