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Oakland Raiders Roster: Raiders Fill Out Practice Squad

The Oakland Raiders wasted no time filling their eight man roster for the practice squad. Fullback Manase Tonga, wide receiver Eddie McGee, offensive lineman Alex Parsons, tight end Kevin Brock, defensive end Mason Brodine, defensive tackle Jamie Cumbie, linebacker Jeremy Leman and cornerback Sterling Moore.

Not many surprises among that list. It is great to see Sterling Moore on the list. He earned at least that much after making a few plays in the preseason as an undrafted rookie.

Manase Tonga has also shown promise as a young fullback. If Marcel Reece happened to sustain an injury, Tonga could be activated to the 53-man roster, and the Raiders would have a decent blocker leading the way.

I am surprised to see both Jamie Cumbie and Mason Brodine on the practice squad. I have yet to see anything out of either of these guys that suggest they may be able to contribute in the NFL at any point in their careers.