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Oakland Raiders' Richard Seymour and Chaz Schilens Will Play Against Broncos

It took me ten minutes to type that headline. Every time I typed Schilens my fingers just naturally pounded out won't. So I tricked them. I typed every other word first, and then copy and pasted in Schilens. Anyway, it's true. At least according to Hue Jackson.

Steve Corkran reported that Hue Jackson "absolutely" expected Schilens and Seymour to play. To give a little credence to this statement, both guys practiced on Sunday. I could go on and talk about how it is exciting to have Schilens back and his potential as a playmaker, but I am just going to wait and do that after he makes some plays.

I will say that am a little geeked that there is a possibility that we will see Nos. 80 and 81 running routes for the Raiders.

As exciting and refreshing as it is to have Schilens back, it is more important that Seymour is returning. This team needs their captain on the field in what is going to be a hostile Denver environment. They also need their defensive line at full strength. If this defense is going to play well, than this defensive line is going to have to wreak complete havoc on the opposition.

Louis Murphy, Kevin Boss and Mike Mitchell are were held out of practice on Sunday. Murphy was ruled out for the opener a long time ago. Mike Mitchell seems highly doubtful, but Corkran did say he has been running and that the Denver game is not ruled out. As for Boss, I wouldn't count him out, but there is no official word one way or the other.